London Eclipse Cheerleading Data Protection Policy 

Policy Statement 

London Eclipse Cheerleading is committed to a policy of protecting the rights and privacy of individuals and members in accordance to the data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). The policy applies to all London Eclipse cheerleading members and staff . Any breach of the DPA or team policy is considered an offence and in that effect disciplinary procedures apply. 

As a matter of good practice, other organisations and individuals working with London Eclipse Cheerleading, who has access to personal information , will be expected to have read and comply with this policy. 


Legal requirements

Data is protected by the DPA. Its purpose is to protect the rights land privacy of individuals and to ensure personal data is not processed without their knowledge, and wherever possible is processed with consent. 

The act requires us to state the fact that we may hold personal data and to acknowledge right of subject access - voluntary, London Eclipse cheerleading staff, members and users have the right to copies of their own data. 


Purpose of data held by London Eclipse Cheerleading 

There are many reasons why London Eclipse Cheerleading will need to store and process an individuals data. Some of which may include but not restricted to, 


-Data provided on tryout/ contact us forms for the purpose of contacting individuals for trials. this data is held until contact is made / trials are arranged after which point individuals contact details may be kept on a mailing list. Users are able to unsubscribe and request their data be deleted via the unsubscribe button on any emails received.

  • Data provided on contact and competition forms will be retained by London Eclipse for the duration of the individuals participation in cheer / use of London Eclipse Cheerleading services or products. After which point it will be deleted or destroyed. Contact details may be retained on the mailing list. 

  • information provided by individuals when staying away or travelling with London Eclipse will be retained and shared for use of making bookings.

  • Information provided by individuals when attending events or participation in external Media work will be shared with other organisations. 

  • Names and dates of birth of competing athletes and in some cases personal iD such as passport (with consent) will be shared with the Competition Event Providers. 

  • Members, individuals , users and staff  emergency contact details and medical information provided to us on our medical and emergency contact form. Data will be used for safety and emergency purposes. 

  • Individuals data will be kept on registers for the purpose of monitoring attendance and safety. Registers containing names will be deleted/ destroyed at the end of each season. 

  • London Eclipse Cheerleading will with permission take photos and videos and audio during training/ events/ competitions and socials and may use in print or broadcast as a means of a coaching aid or to publicise and promote London Eclipse Cheerleading.

  • Cheerleaders measurements for the purpose of ordering uniform and apparel. This data is retained until the end of the current season when it is deleted / destroyed. 


London Eclipse Cheerleading will make sure to keep a record of data received from individuals and members and where data is being received from its members and members to consent to any data we require. 


London Eclipse Cheerleading will ensure that we, 


1)Fairly and lawfully process personal data. 

We will logo our paperwork stating their intentions on processing the data and state if, and to whom, we intend to give the personal data. Also to provide indication as to how data will be kept.


2)Processed for limited purpose

We will not use data for a purpose other than those agreed by individuals, members, staff and others ( data subjects.) If data held by us is requested by external organisations for any reason , this will only be passed if data subjects agree.  External organisations must state the purpose of processing and agree not to share or copy the data for further use and to abide by the DPA and London Eclipse Cheerleading data protection policy. 


3)Adequate, relevant and not excessive 

London Eclipse Cheerleading will monitor the data held for our purposes ensuring we hold neither too much or too little in respect of individuals about whom data is held. If data given or obtained is found to be excessive for such person it will be immediately deleted or destroyed. 


4)Accurate and up to date 

We will provide data subjects with a copy of their data for information and updating where relevant and upon their request. All amendments will be made immediately, and data no longer required will be deleted or destroyed. It is the responsibility of individuals and users to ensure the data held by us is accurate and up to date . Completion of forms (provided by us) will be taken as an indication that the data contained is given with consent and accurate. Individuals should notify us of any changes to enable personal records to be updated accordingly. It is the responsibility of London Eclipse cheerleading to act upon notification of changes to data, amending them where relevant. 


5)Not to be kept longer than necessary 

We discourage the retention of data for longer than is required. All personal data other than promotional video/ pictures and contacts  given with consent will be deleted or destroyed by us after a year of non membership has elapsed.


6)Processed in accordance with individuals rights 

All individuals that London Eclipse Cheerleading holds data on have the right to 

-Be informed upon request of all the information held on them within on month

-Prevent the processing of their data for the purpose of direct marketing

  • Compensation if they can show that they have been caused damage by any contravention to the act 

  • The removal and correction of any inaccurate data held on them



Appropriate technical and or organisation measures have been taken against unlawful processing of personal data and accidental loss or destruction of data. 

London Eclipse cheerleading computers has a log in system, our contact database is password protected which allows on authorised staff to access personal data. When staff members are using laptops outside of office care will be taken to ensure personal data on is screen is not visible to strangers. 

Data kept on computers is stored encrypted and password protected. Any paperwork kept is store in a locked cabinet and is only accessible by the head coach.


8)Not transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA), unless the country has adequate protection for the individual 

Data must not be transferred to countries outside the EEA without the explicit permission of the individual. London Eclipse Cheer takes particular care to be aware of this when publishing information on the internet, which can be accessed from around the world. Data transfer includes placing data on a website which can be accessed from outside the EEA. 


9)Processing data 

GDPR requires London Eclipse Cheerleading to document why we need to lawfully process peoples data. This includes information we keep , what it is being used for and the reasons for needing it. 

We have the following reasons for processing data

-   Legal, We have the following legal obligations for processing data which include but is not limited to health and safety, insurance and child protection. 

-   Contractual- which allows London Eclipse Cheerleading to provide members with the services associated with running the team such as sending requests for payments and entering events. 

  • Legitimate interests - which is when the processing is necessary for the teams legitimate interest such as but not limited to marketing. 

  • Consent- when a individual has given clear consent for us to process their data for a specific purpose e.g. taking pictures for the website or entering cheer competition. 


Data collected with consent by London Eclipse Cheerleading includes


-   Name, address, Date of birth, telephone numbers, emergency contact details, emails

  • Doctors name, address and phone number

  • Medical information including allergies , medication injuries and any other deemed useful to staff 

  • Various communications where members may be mentioned by name

  • Emails, text, phone calls , dm and any other correspondence.

  • Individuals skills, targets and progress, achievements and experience.

  • Registers 

  • Records of financial transactions that have taken place

  • Competition entries. 

  • Photograph and video for training or marketing purpose

  • Qualifications where applicable

  • Cheerleaders measurements and sizes for purpose of ordering uniform and apparel. 


Sarah Boyle 

Head Coach



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