Competition Contract

Competitve cheerleaders only 

- I understand that I am expected to attend practice with 100% attendence aside from any holidays booked , sickness or emergency's as per the team absence policy 


- I have read , understand and agree to the team absence policy (in the handbook)


- I will attend extra training and any choreo dates and will prioritise these over other activites if needed (fair notice will be given on these dates and Eclipse will try where possible to work around any issues)


- I will inform LEC of any holidays that I have booked on the form below. I will inform LEC of any holidays booked at the point of booking via email.  I will not book holidays for the 3 weeks prior to competition


- I will be at training punctually every session (5mins early) 


- I will try my hardest at all times


- I will put in extra training at home including flexibility training / strength training when asked to do so. 


- I will be encouraging and be supportive of my teammates. I will have a positive attitude even when training is tough


- I am aware of training and competition fees , what these include and am willing and able to cover these costs by the set deadlines or to make arrangements to pay in installments. 


- Upon recieveing comp schedules I will ensure the dates are kept free and that I will be in attendence with the correct equipment. 


-I will keep up to date with emails form the club and complete required admin promptly when required


- Parents / Guardians understand that they must be responsible for under 18's at all times during competition / events unless they have arranged a chaperone


- I am aware of the refund policy and that cheerleaders that are removed for lack of attendence/ rule breaking/ poor attitude or breach of any of the terms within the Handbook , competition contracts or code of conduct will not be refunded. 


- I am aware that by signing this contract that I am fully committing myself/my child to the competitve cheer season ending in July with London Eclipse and that I have fully read and understood the Handbook and competition contact and agree to the terms listed.

Copyright 2012. London Eclipse Cheerleading.