Sunday's 3.00-4.15pm 

The Royal Free Rec Club NW3


Adult Gymnastics Tumbling

Suitable for beginnner to experienced level 


Learn - 



splits, bridges, backbends, walkovers 



Planche handstand, handstand balancing, walking handstand and handstand varients



Handstand , cartwheels, power hurdles, round offs , Strengthening and Conditioning , Perfecting technique in tumbles. 



Work in groups on set drills and skills or work independentley.



All levels so you can level up your skills. 

1 - handstands, kickovers, backbends, walkovers, cartwheels and round offs, rolls and varients eg. backroll through handstand , conditioning, 

2- round off bhs , mutliple bhs, standing bhs wlk bhs, front hps step out series 

3- punch front, round off bhs tuck, series standing backhandspring, jump backhandspring

4+ round off straight back, half twist, full twist , arabians, whips, standing backhandpsing tuck, standing tuck




7 tiffin panel mats, 15mts air tumble track, wedges, panel mats, mini tumble tramp.

Our floor is not sprung 

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